Neighborhood patrol team

The Neighborhood Patrol Team under the guidance of the Operations Group Manager consist of three (3) Police Inspectors (Lieutenant) and four (4) Team Supervisors (Sergeant). There are thirty-four (34) patrol officers, two (2) k-9 officers, and two (2) German Sheperd dogs which cover four (4) working shifts. The Neighborhood Patrol Unit works a twelve (12) hour work day and provides services to six (6) patrol sectors throughout the community.

Neighborhood Patrol Unit

This unit consists of six (6) Neighborhood Patrol Teams which are primarily responsible for the preservation of the peace and tranquility of the community. The teams provide proactive problem solving policing services in all phases of the operation, which can be performed efficiently and effectively by uniformed officers. The members of these teams are assigned permanent work shifts and patrol sectors to enhance their ability to resolve community problems. The teams also provide traffic enforcement, traffic accident investigation, and all other duties as outlined by state statute, city ordinance, and department policy and guidelines.

Of the thirty-four patrol officers assigned to the Neighborhood Patrol Team, two officers are primarily responsible for the preservation of the peace and tranquility throughout the St. Louis Outlet Mall and surrounding area.

K-9 Unit
In addition to the Neighborhood Patrol Teams, the K-9 Unit is also assigned to the Neighborhood Patrol Unit. This K-9 unit consist of two (2) k-9 handlers and two (2) German Sheperd dogs.

The Hazelwood Police Department's K-9 Unit was started in 2000 with one K-9 team (PACO) assigned to the Neighborhood Patrol Group. The K-9 Unit was eventually expanded to two K-9 teams in 2006. Each K-9 team is scheduled to work a particular shift. The K-9 teams are a great asset to the Hazelwood Police Department, surrounding cities and the public in general. Besides performing normal police duties, the K-9 teams have performed many demonstrations for the children and adults of the City of Hazelwood.

The K-9 dogs are trained in tracking of criminals, as well as locating missing persons. They are also trained in the recovery of evidence, the searching of buildings, and the protection of their handler. Advanced training includes narcotic detection. The K-9 teams are assigned their own vehicles which are specially equipped for them. The officer and his K-9 partner live together at the officer's residence and are on call 24 hours a day.