Neighborhood Support Unit

This unit consists of the Criminal Investigation Team, Youth Interaction Team, Prisoner Transport Unit, Evidence Unit, Problem Property Unit/Violent Crime Unit, Neighborhood Action Team, Outlet Mall Unit, Traffic Management Team, Animal Control Unit.

Criminal Investigation Team

The Criminal Investigation Team is responsible for the follow-up investigation of assigned cases, recovery of stolen property, identification and arrest of perpetrators of major crimes and case preparation for court, fugitive arrests, vice and narcotics, intelligence and crime scene processing and evidence collection on major crimes. The Criminal Investigation Team consist of one (1) Commander (Lt.), one (1) Supervisor (Sgt.), six (6) Detectives who work various shifts to facilitate the needs of the department.

Youth Interaction Team

The Youth Interaction Team has two main objectives: 1) to keep young people from being perpetrators of violence; and 2) to keep them from becoming victims of violence. This team works closely with school personnel, Juvenile Court personnel and other organizations to develop educational, recreational and anti-crime programs and activities that will help youth understand and resist violence. This team assigns one (1) member as a Juvenile Detective to provide follow-up investigation of assigned juvenile cases, assist the neighborhood patrol officers with the development of intelligence information and eradication of gang activity in their neighborhoods by providing a proactive directed patrol in specified areas, which have been determined to have possible gang activity. This team coordinates the Department's School Resource Officer program and assigns two (2) members as School Resource Officers. This team also provides instruction for the Demand Reduction Program, i.e. Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program in the community schools along with other innovative programs, which are aimed at reducing the demand for illegal drugs and alcohol by the youth of the community, and assigns one (1) member as a Demand Reduction Officer.

Prisoner Transport/Evidence Unit

Under the guidance of the Manager of the Neighborhood Support Group, the Evidence Unit is responsible for the safe keeping, storage and efficient retrieval of department evidence. The Prisoner Transport Unit is responsible for the safe transport of prisoners to and from court building and jail holding facilities.